Monday, January 31, 2011

Jim Andrews - Arteroids

Jim Andrews is a computer gaming artist who works in the medium of creating a mimicking game. Andrews created the game, Arteroids, which is a spin off of the old Atari game, Asteroids. The game Andrews created is essencially the same concept, except instead of asteroids you shoot at and destroy different words. You're spacecraft is also a word, which changes each time you play. I started out as the word "poetry" then when back and played as the word "desire". When the 'asteroid' words are hit, they explode into a different word, a random jumble of letters, symbols, or numbers. This game is a participatory art piece, and depends on audience interaction in order to be shown in its entirety. The audience also has the opportunity to put together poetry as they go along and shoot the 'asteriods', collecting a different word or phrase each time they fire. The game is simple and quite addicting, try it for yourself! --

Friday, January 21, 2011

Self Portrait HUD

My self portrait HUD is a depiction of my everyday life. The backdrop is the entryway to my house, showing that I can either go outside and to class, or upstairs to my room. My supplies are shown in my backpack, which was everything I was carrying in my backpack within the first few weeks of school. I chose to creat my HUD in a first person shooter format, but instead of a gun I'm holding my iPod. You can see from the top that I had 3 lives, but I have already lost one of them due to a broken heart when my grandma passed away last year. My health isn't 100% because I think I might be catching a cold, and I have 2 new text messages on my phone that I have yet to read.