Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Video Proposal

Alli Williams
When I hear my composition play, I think of many jump cuts of scenes, because of all the clicks and skips in the record that plays throughout the whole song.  I’ve always wanted to create a stop motion film, and I think rather than doing a fluid video, a stop motion film would go well with the composition.  I think an ‘adventure’ to my parents’ house to feed their dogs would go well with the story line of my vocal parts of the composition, and the overall feel of the composition as well.  At the part where a motorcycle is revving, I would want to show me driving to the store to buy dog food, or just driving to my house to feed the dogs.  I know at the part where there is silence, then a loud screeching noise, there needs to be something big and exciting.  I was thinking of making the rest of the video more slowly paced, and almost dream-like, and then having that scene in the film be the defining part of the whole video, however I haven’t brainstormed a great defining moment yet.  After that scene is the big finish: the dogs get fed, and I leave my parents’ house with a sense of accomplishment.  I think a simple video for this assignment would be the best approach; however I don’t want to do something that will be visually boring.  Keeping the storyline a very simple, everyday activity can bring a sense of normality to the randomness of my composition, and it would also be visually appealing if it went along well with the music.