Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Leo Villareal - Art Exhibit

Leo Villareal is a digital artist who has a three-month long lightshow exhibit at the Nevada Museum of Art. The exhibit features many different animated light shows that include fluorescent light, strobe light, etc. My favorite piece of Villareal’s at the exhibit was a piece called Diamond Sea. Diamond Sea is a large rectangular pane of mirror finished stainless steel with white lights that travel across the entire grid in a specific pattern. The grid moves between dim and fully lit light to project a sense of depth in the piece, and while you’re watching the lights move you are also watching yourself in the reflection of the back drop.
Some of Villareal’s other showcased works were Lightscape, Big Bang, Chasing Rainbows, and Star. There was also a separate room on the second floor apart from the rest of Villareal’s light shows that shows a ceiling of lights. The lights were constantly flashing strobe lights, and the room provided chairs for viewers to sit and look up at the flashing ceiling above.
The installation titled Star was the main piece shown as you walk into the art museum. It was unlike many of Villareal’s other works, because it featured a steel web with lights attached in a star-like form.
The exhibit overall was very different from the rest of the art in the museum, and other exhibits I’ve seen. The way he expresses his art through light and computer software is a digital media idea that not only takes artistic aesthetic, but also knowledge of computer programs. Leo Villareal’s exhibit can be seen through May 22nd at the Nevada Museum of Art. For more information visit www.nevadaart.org

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pete Froslie - Artist Lecture

Digital media artist Pete Froslie is a graduate from Nevada who went on to study at the Studio for Interrelated Media in Boston.  Froslie has had multiple shows in Reno and Boston, and has been featured at Comicon in San Diego. He sparked an interest in digital media that first began with cracking open toys and figuring out the mechanics of the toys. He has since created many installations involving the use of mechanical toys.
Froslie’s latest ongoing project is all about the story of John Wilks Booth. Froslie is creating a new persona and a whole different character, and using Booth as the physical representation of the character. The idea of this project is very interesting, in that Froslie is acting as a novelist, creating a story around his Booth character. My favorite aspect of his Booth project was his idea to create an image for a penny stretching machine that was the Booth character. The irony of the project is pretty funny; I like the idea of taking a penny with Lincoln’s image and printing an image of Booth over that.
Froslie’s artworks overall were very engaging, I enjoyed his installations that made use of robotics. His aesthetic seems to be a very ironic type of viewpoint, and his artworks are generally based on complex ideas. To see more of Pete Froslie’s work, visit http://www.froslie.com/Main_Page.html

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Golf Hole idea - A-hole

My idea for the design of my golf hole is basically creating the layout of the course in the shape of an 'A', thus creating an A-hole.

Pepakura - Gift Box

For my first experience with Pepakura, I made a gift box. While the shape itself was not entirely complex, creating the box took some trial and error to figure out the actual Pepakura program. I hope to excell even more with my next paper folding project.