Tuesday, February 26, 2013

When Pigs Fly - Apocalypse Model

Will our world survive the effects of global warming? When pigs fly!

Well here they come soaring up and away from the land surface destruction we created through our own ignorant neglect.

Not just a saying anymore, this flying pig it is your rescuer from the melting ice caps, ghastly hurricanes, and scorching ground temperatures. So throw on some shades, enjoy a nice mojito, and enjoy the breeze flowing through your hair as your trusty winged farm animal takes you to the only place left after global climate apocalypse – up in the sky!

SecondLife is Like a Box of Chocolates

A Machinima, by Alli Williams, Jason Libby, and Chris Scott.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

3D Portrait, Apocalypse Model

The 3D portrait still needs some work, but as of now I'm working on how to transfer it in to 123D Design. I went with the original catch I made, I retook Ally's portrait 2 more times, but every time I put the pictures into the program, the back of her head was completely missing. I worked with the PC program to manually stitch photos together and get it right. Here is the progress thus far:

The Apocalypse model is almost complete. It is now primered and ready to be hand painted. Finished product to come next week.

Forrest's Goodbye

Here is the finished product of the Forrest Gump machinima. Being in SecondLife, we wanted every aspect of the scene we chose to be as realistic as possible. The overall product matched well with the scenes, and we are very proud of how the film turned out.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

3D Model - Apocalypse model & classmate

This week, I printed out my 3D model of humanity in 50 years. Here's how it turned out:

All the extra stuff on the model is supporting material that I haven't yet removed. The glasses on the model did not print up at all, so I will have to make those out of paper and plastic and attach them. I'm also not sure if the wings will last after I take off the supporting material below them, so I might completely take off the wings and reattach them once I clean them up a bit. Almost ready to paint!

This week, we also used 123D Catch to make a 3D model of a classmate. Here's a still of how mine turned out:

It pieced the pictures together really well, with a few minor flaws. When I uploaded it onto my desktop, however, I couldn't change it because it was a pure black object. I tried deleting and re-uploading but have yet to successfully accomplish that.

Machinima Progress

I'm still working on the hair, but here is an updated version of the Forrest Gump avatar:

We have all the locations and just need to work on filming the rest of the scenes, which we will get done this week so we can work on editing over the weekend. More to come!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"Videogames and Art" Introduction - Discussion questions

The following discussion questions are derive from the introduction to "Videogames and Art". The book can be found here: http://www.amazon.com/Videogames-Art-Intellect-Andy-Clarke/dp/1841501425

1. The writer talks about video games focusing on mechanics rather than aesthetics, and then goes on to discuss whether commercial video games in themselves are art. Do you believe that commercial video games can be considered art just as much as other types of video game art that uses these commercial games as their basis? The writer doesn't believe commercial games - in their entirety - can be considered art even if there are aesthetic art qualities to it. Do you agree or disagree with this claim?

2. Video game artists have to power to create their galleries fully within a game space, which would eliminate cost of showing art in a physical gallery. The intro talks about installation art being entirely entirely within the computer, and only gave benefits of this kind of idea. Do you find any shortcomings with this type of online-computer-gamespace only location?

3D Model - Climate Apocalypse

I altered my model a bit more to make her look a bit more futuristic rather than coming from the 90's. I added some robotic armor to her, as well as an umbrella hat to protect the sun rays from her head, rather than purley eye protection. I'm hoping to soon print the model.