Monday, March 26, 2012

Project 2 Proposal

I want to create a piece that is similar to the triptychs we made in Art 245. I want to collect around 20 images - either that I found, that I scanned/took a picture of, or that I created in Adobe Illustrator, and paste them together into a digital canvas on Photoshop. The idea I was thinking of was creating 4 separate scenes that each depict an important aspect of my life. The 4 aspects I want to use are Home - Reno/Tahoe, UNR life, how I live, Relationships - family, friends, mentors, etc, Spirituality - religion, culture, beliefs, and Music - my favorite form of recreation. Since these are all aspects of my life, I think they can intertwine with each other. So, I want to animate each scene together as a sort of life story either through photoshop or flash, and then use Eyecon to shift between videos when someone walks across an open space. The different videos will will be the different perspectives of each scene. Each separate scene will interact with one another at certain points depending on where you are standing in the space. This work will be projected on a big screen.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Final Critique

I realized as the deadling was getting closer, that I had never actually given my work a title. So here is the installation iLight:

You can find this on the 2nd floor of Church Fine Arts, near the ProjectNV gallery.

iLight is a photo series installation consisting of 18 portraits. The portraits were created with a 10 second shutter speed, in which the subject used my iPhone to light up their face, then draw through the air with the iPhone. The end product created a sort of "light painting" in conjunction with the portraits. Of my 240 contacts in my phone, I successfully photographed 30, and narrowed that 30 down to 18 to print for the final project. Each person got to select his or her own light color, as well as draw whatever shape they liked. The only direction I gave was how long to hold the light on their own face, and when to start drawing with the light. In this way, each photo is a personal representation of the person being photographed. If there are any questions, please comment below!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Week 5 Progress

This week I am selecting the photos I want to use for the project, and I will start printing out the photographs. Here are the photos I will be using: