Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bowser Cosplay

Today is the day of the Boxwars! My Bowser costume is now fully complete, including a styrofoam Chain Chomp as my weapon. I created the headgear from a program called Cubeecraft. This program was much easier to use than Pepakura, although I had to take the texture into Photoshop to change it around a little bit. The shell was made from a box with 29 spikes glued to it. I painted Chain Chomp onto a styrofoam ball and attached zip ties for the chain.
Once we all geared up, we headed down to the student union - in costume - to battle it out. My weapon didn't last long, so I had to resort to running into people backwards and stab them with my shell spikes. It was a lot of fun, and we difinitely attracted a big audience.

3D Wolf

For our last collaborative project, I, along with a team of 3 other students, created a 3D cardboard wold made from Pepakura. Our process started when we created a survey asking students what kind of sculpture they would like to see on campus. Many of the responses we got were to create a wolf. We decided that we didn't want the crowd sourcing to stop there, so we came up with the idea to paint the wold with chalkboard paint and have students write on the wolf when it was installed. The overall piece ended up being very successful, and although we faced some inclement weather, we did have many people participate in the chalking of the wolf.