Monday, April 29, 2013

Emily Rogers - Photographer

On April 15th at 5:30pm, MFA candidate Emily Rogers gave a lecture about her work as a photographer. She began discussing work that inspired her, and is very interested in photography that shows feeling and emotion. Her subjects in her photos are not people, but rather the absence of people. The feelings that people get from photos is what Rogers loves the most about photography. Her first set of photos that she shared were inspired by her grandmother. They were pictures of mourning from the loss of her grandmother, and showed silence and emptiness in photographs. Rogers then began photographing houses when she went to Denver for Habitat for Humanity. She really liked capturing the shape of the homes, and the community and family that the homes were about. Rogers then began photographing local homes in Reno. She started with the fronts of the homes, but eventually moved into the neighborhood and got to know the people who lived in the homes. Her photos started to change as she was telling the stories of the people in the homes by photographing their homes. She enjoyed finding old stories about something that happened in the houses, and then photographed the houses to tell that particular story. She hung the story by the picture of the house in her exhibition.
Rogers' work was very powerful, and I enjoyed the emotion and stories that she told in her photos.

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